LCN Yearbook 2017

The 2017 Yearbbok edition of LCN is here!

The big Yearbook edition of Licensed & Catering News is out now.
As always, this is a bumper edition – the biggest of the year – in which we have been examining the last 12 months across the hospitality and tourist sectors in Northern Ireland.
The last year has been an exciting time for the trade, there’s been growth, particularly in Belfast, but it hasn’t been uniform and while the old problems persist, further political and economic uncertainty has recently been added to the mix. This new year has had the rockiest of starts and it’s anyone guess how things will turn out.
As usual, you’ll find that this edition of the magazine is packed with in-depth interviews and perspectives from some of the best-known faces in the trade. There’s comment and analysis of what’s been happening from experts in the industry and those working on the ground.